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A revolution in the Moving Industry

212MOVING is a revolutionary service in the Moving Industry, We are assisting clients to come to terms with movers based on years of experience and inside knowledge of how the moving system works.

We are on your side;

The Moving Industry can be a dark and shady Industry for many reasons:
First, because of the system
2nd, Because of the competition
3rd, Because it is an emotional and financial extreme.

212MOVING will lead you to avoid the holes you might fall into working alone, Since we know what DOESN'T work for a client from the inside, we develop a system that is flipping the moving companies out of balance, with our first demand is that the Estimator who gives the estimate will be the Mover that will Move You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For over a decade, 212MOVING.COM had been one of the most respected moving companies in New York. 212MOVING.COM was founded to provide premier local, long distance, commercial and storage services with a customer centric approach and without compromising quality and integrity.

Once we shift from being a "moving company" and become the customer representative in front of the movers, we brought to the Moving Industry new Moving standards.

We are committed to making each move a success, and we are going a great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Since day one until this moment, we are helping families and businesses to relocate, shifting fear to JOY. At 212MOVING.COM, we take this responsibility with joy but very seriously, taking care of our customers' belongings as if they were our own.

Whether you're moving a local move, from Chelsea to Tribeca, Upper East to Upper West, or long distance move from NY to LA, Miami to Denver, we can provide the most thorough service with the highest quality.

The Owners

The owner and the founder of 212MOVING.COM is a social worker for over 20 years, and business administration master degree, as well as a business owner for over 15 years.

She is the heart of the company. The service oriented, the deep understanding, compassion, care and will for each one the company's customers created a unique service that rated 212MOVNG.COM as one of the most desired companies in NYC.

She Owned Moving Supplies and More a, moving supplies company that before the Internet time provided moving supplies for discounted price and created an option for customers save almost 50% of the cost of moving boxes. Moving Supplies and More was the company that became later on 212MOVING.

The Team

212MOVING core team consist of the owner and her husband, together they have over 30 years of daily experience.

Few words about the husband (G)

G. Is the Founder of Flatrate Moving Systems later known as Flatrate Moving NY, that today became an Icon in the NYC Movers. G, his Sister and the owner of Flatrate Moving were the core team of the developing of the Flat Rate Moving System, the development of charging by the volume instead of charging by time.

G became THE expert of this system and assists many movers to learn the system and to bring it to the consumer awareness.

G, Today an Awareness Coach, was and still today, the power of inspiration for many young men to break through and to open their own companies and be leaders in their community.

The owner and G working together for 13 years to bring HONESTY, INTERGATY, RESPECT, CARE and LOVE to each one of the moves they are touching to each one of the customers they are moving, to each one who reads this words.

The Moving Process

Our process starts with OUR COMMITMENT and continue with YOUR COMMITMENT. The commitment is to have a friendly relationship, from the beginning - NOW, to the end of the move and years after. We believe that once we both committed ourselves to Joyful move the results of our move (remember your move is my move as well) will be extremely satisfying.

212MOVING offers free onsite ESTIMATE as well as over the phone and over the web estimates. When your move is larger than a studio or one bedroom apartment, we feel that an onsite visit can provide you and us with an accurate estimate of the impending moving charges as well as it will give you the taste of who we really are. Our professional, highly trained moving estimator will arrive to your home and survey your belongings to provide you with a precise estimate prior to your move and will BE the one to move you if we will come to terms. At that time you also can ask for a Binding Estimate, some time known as Flat Rate or Fixed Price.

Don't be shy. Take this opportunity to speak directly with the owner, or the estimator/ Mover and ask them for tips for your upcoming relocation. Our expert moving estimator is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. If you are confused about which items to take with you to your new home, or which box to use to pack a certain item, just ask! We are here to help!

The Dream

Our dream is to create a system that will serve customers like you by matching GOOD customers with GOOD movers, and assure the quality of service by sharing and reporting the process of each move. The result is, that future customers will be able to read those reports and to choose their mover according to the mover's performance, and the customers "wish list" mover's characteristic in real time real reports, no secrets.

We are a few steps away of creating our new contribution to the Moving industry. And we are offering you to be part of that dream developing.


We are proud to acknowledge Aware Moving to be the first moving company to join us by committing to serve all customers with the characteristic above. You welcome to see their website at www.AwareMoving.com

We want personally to thank YOU for making the effort to be open for our desire to have a safe, and whole environment. We understand that it requires TRUST on your side, and we are committed to be the best tool to create your trust to serve YOU.


Aware Moving:

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